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  • The New Perspective on Paul

    The New Perspective on Paul

    While taking Tom Schreiner’s class “Theology of the New Testament” and reading his excellent book New Testament Theology, I have given some thought to the “New Perspective on Paul.” In trying to wrap my mind around the New Perspective, I’ve done my best to distill its main tenets here and give what I believe is a…

  • Jesus the Divine Servant: Suffering, Substitution, Exaltation

    Before taking Theology of the New Testament with Dr. Thomas Schreiner, I was familiar with the concept of the servant of the Lord. But my understanding was sketchy: it lacked cohesive structure. After I heard Dr. Schreiner’s lecture on this topic and studied the section in his book that deals with it, I grasped the…

  • Eschatological Tension and Practical Christian Living

    In his New Testament Theology, Thomas Schreiner emphasizes the already/not yet feature of eschatology which is pervasive throughout the New Testament. This perspective on eschatology essentially sees us living in an age in which God’s promises are inaugurated, but not consummated. Christ’s resurrection, as the fulfillment of Old Testament anticipation, has “started the engine,” and the coming…

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