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  • God’s Omnibenevolence and the Problem of Evil

    God’s Omnibenevolence and the Problem of Evil

    The doctrine of God’s omnibenevolence (God’s complete goodness) raises the problem of evil. The classic formulation of this problem is the apparent incompatibility of the three propositions: 1) God is wholly God, 2) God is all-powerful, and 3) evil exists. If God is wholly good, he would want to prevent gratuitous evil; and if he were […]

  • That Annoying Piece of Evidence Called the Universe

    That Annoying Piece of Evidence Called the Universe

    Recently I’ve been listening to The Universe (audio book) by John Brockman of, a collection of essays from some incredibly smart scientists. The book is fascinating in its own right, but I was especially interested by how close cosmology gets to theology. In trying to peer into the origins of the universe, these brilliant scientists […]

  • A Clash of Worldviews

    A Clash of Worldviews

    Does it really matter what we believe about the origin and destiny of humans? Yes! Whether or not we consciously think about it, our beliefs about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going impact every decision we make. Compare the atheist’s view of the world with the Christian’s view of the […]

  • The Centrality of Authorial Intent in Expository Preaching

    The Centrality of Authorial Intent in Expository Preaching

    Because of my preparation for some classwork and upcoming preaching responsibilities, I’ve been thinking a lot about expository preaching, particularly the importance of authorial intent. The priority of authorial intent is something every preacher must come to grips with, particularly because of the strong temptation to skew a passage to make it fit the message. […]

  • The Kalam Cosmological Argument

    Unlike some philosophical literature I have been slogging through lately, William Lane Craig’s writing style is particularly interesting and compelling. I just finished reading his essay on the kalam theological argument. The argument proceeds as follows: (1) Whatever begins to exist has a cause of its existence. (2) The universe began to exist. (3) Therefore, […]

  • God Everlasting or God Eternal

    Any rock climber knows the frightening sensation of reaching for a rock that appears to be a suitable hand-hold, only to discover that it is a loose stone. At the same time, the rock climber is grateful that he discovered that it is a loose stone before he put his full weight on it. I find the […]

  • The Classic Ontological Argument

    The classic ontological argument, as formulated by Saint Anselm in the early 11th century, comes in the form of a worshipful prayer. Anselm makes it clear from the outset that his belief in God’s existence is already established. The argument serves to expand and clarify that belief. Within this framework, it is best not to […]