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  • How the Past Has Impacted Parenting

    How the Past Has Impacted Parenting

    Family life looked much different before the Industrial Revolution. Here’s a brief survey of some cultural and social developments since the 18th century that have impacted current family discipleship (Some of this material is adapted from Ryan Steenburg with Timothy Paul Jones, “Growing Gaps from Generation to Generation,” in Trained in the Fear of God, edited by […]

  • Why Are People Taking Longer to Grow Up?

    Why Are People Taking Longer to Grow Up?

    Extended adolescence. It’s something we’ve all heard about, seen, and maybe experienced: people are taking longer and longer to reach adulthood. What is adulthood? They say you’ve reached it when you finally leave home, finish school, become financially independent, get married (and possibly have a kid). In one of his lectures for the class Leadership […]

  • Is $241,080 Too Much to Raise One Kid?

    Is $241,080 Too Much to Raise One Kid?

    Today’s breaking news line on the CNN homepage grabbed my attention: “A child born last year will cost a middle-income couple an estimated $241,080 to raise for 18 years.” There are three main reasons I couldn’t help but read the article: 1) my 3-year-old daughter, 2) my 1-year-old son, and 3) the baby Christa and […]

  • Are My Children Safe? A Christian Parent’s Response to the Boston Bombings

    We saw blood where it should not be–on the sidewalk and in a convenience store. But perhaps the most heart-wrenching piece of news was what I heard last night: an eight-year-old boy waiting to hug his dad was among the casualties. The horrific sidewalk scene sobered me in another way. Just two days prior, I […]

  • How Can We Teach Children About Worship?

    I’ve been reading Worship by the Book  (edited by D. A. Carson). This morning I came across a valuable insight for parents who wish to teach their children about true worship: Kids of that age [10-12 years, and presumably younger] do not absorb abstract ideas very easily unless they are lived out and identified. The Christian home, […]

  • Cultivating a Heart for God in Your Child

    Who will your child be when he or she leaves your home? In his message this past Sunday evening, Pastor Allen dealt with that question. I was so challenged by this message that I’ve adapted it as a blog post here for your encouragement as well. If you didn’t get to hear the message you […]