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Category: Holy Spirit

  • Roles of Tongues-Speaking in Acts: Doxological, Eschatological, Missiological and Soteriological

    There are only three instances of tongues-speaking recorded in the book of Acts: 2:1-13, 10:44-47, and 19:1-7. The most extensive instance, of course, is Pentecost. On one level, speaking in tongues at Pentecost played a doxological role since the apostles and others were were testifying to God’s mighty (salvific) works. The means (foreign tongues) and…

  • Boldness: The Hallmark of Spirit-Effected Preaching

    I’m taking a class that uses Sinclair Ferguson’s The Holy Spirit as one of its texts. Near the end of his chapter “Gifts for Ministry,” Sinclair argues that boldness is the hallmark of Spirit-effected preaching. A preacher myself, I found this selection to be instructive and encouraging. The hallmark of the preaching which the Spirit effects is ‘boldness’…

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